Independents Play: UNSCHLD

While we celebrate our nation's Independence Day, we, at UNSCHLD, also pledge allegiance to the attitude and mentality that brought us here -- being self-taught. We may not have graduated with business management degrees and we may still be on our way to getting our MBAs but we're here, trying to make it and we're still doing it. Independence Day is also Independent's Day as we salute and pay tribute to the homies who refuse to adhere to the status quo; blazing their own trails, creating their own paths.

Join us on June 12, 2012, as we get back on the good foot and bring back the good ol' dusty urban funk from the Play Tuesdays crew. It could be a reunion of sorts or a meeting of the minds, but most of all, its just how INDEPENDENTS get down and PLAY.

SUPERMIKKI LDP Conscious & the Goodness D-Tech Switchtrik

Food and drinks on us.


Photo c/o Gabes Cantero

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