Back in the Blogosphere

I haven't touched my blog for more than 3 months and now I feel like I should get back on it. I've lost the time to share my thoughts to everyone on a regular basis through this channel and I miss doing so. I realized that working on my blog helps me unwind and with that being said I will make time for it starting today. I'm definitely sharing more photos for you to see what I'm up to on a day to day basis. I'm pretty sure that you'll be enjoying my entries after this. I will also be posting up the lyrics to some of our old songs since we've received a good number of requests already. Thank you for your patience and please do continue to support us. 2012 has not ended yet. We promise to end it with a bang and to start 2013 on full throttle. Y'all need to get ready for the projects that we will be putting out. More music, videos, events, clothes, shoes, thoughts, toys, basketball, ideas and fun coming your way! Spread the word! Love and blessings. LDPeace!!!

"Yo when the beat drops the three walk in/ pay them haters no mind y'all can keep talking/ we gon' keep marching put your bets all in/ all y'all better be ready once we barge in" - LDP

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