FFF (Freakin' Free Fifty) by Rjay of LDP LYRICS

I gotta switch it up a bit, build it up like The Community
Truthfully the reason why I do this is for you and me
We gotta keep it moving for the culture to survive
Let me move you through these words I spit that I bring into life
While I breathe I kick it live every opportunity grabbed
Unraveling raps receiving high fives, props and daps
Though I get love from fans these haters bringing me down
My spirit is never broken stay positive with the sound
No time for clowning around with eyes locked on the crown
An illegitimate king in the game, ILL-K locking it down
I stay grounded but high, I lay down just to rise
Higher than the sun tomorrow when I open my eyes
To keep the future brighter as long as I’m alive
Won’t sleep until achievements are reached I’ll keep on striving
Be the one that’s climbing peaks higher than mountains
Teach what I’ve picked up and speak for all the silent
Seek for undiscovered knowledge deeply buried, leak it
To share with everyone willing like languages to speak it
If we are on common ground you are a brother to me then
Real talk is what I speak nothing above it or beneath it
Which is why all y’all should listen, lifting spirits, souls have risen
Dropping knowledge, sharing wisdom, keep on kickin’ it stay driven
Flowing infinitely giving while I hold this flame with visions
Never seizing, never resting, never giving up my mission
The torchbearer on the frontline, no one else here got the guts
To bust fire with the desire to kill alibis and buts
No excuses in these raps let the facts speak for themselves
Resonating one voice and elevating oneself-
Esteem to build up courage and confidence that’s inside
Find it and it’s yours forever it’s within your heart and mind
Don’t let anybody break it only your decision counts
Don’t be blinded by the money seriously there’s no amount
That would compare to its value more than silver more than gold
More than diamonds more than platinum more than what your hands could hold
Motivation is the key inspiration’s all around
Success is best achieved when your true self you have found
Heaven bound everything is upon reach
But don’t forget to stay grounded right within arm’s reach
My songs speak to every single person in the world
Every man, every woman, every boy and every girl
Every father, every mother, every brother, every sister
Everybody listen up we gotta break free from the system
You don’t want your son and daughter prisoned by materialism
Chained by superficial fiction, paying with pain and affliction
As a parent in the future that would kill me down inside
Wouldn’t have the guts to watch my child suffer see I would rather be blind
Knowing that I could have prevented it simply by writing down songs
Right in the palm of my hands it’s as if I just detonated a bomb
Better be calm dropping the arms hoping this works although it’s risky
Remember the name it’s Rjay who dropped that Freakin’ Free Fifty

We will be releasing the Remix of FFF with a beat sampled from Paul McCartney and Wings by Bojam on Feb 8 at 5pm. Spread the word! LDPeace!!!

Download FFF here
Download 11.11.11 Mixtape (Online Version) here


  • July 14, 2013 at 2:04 AM
    Anonymous says:

    Yo Rjay! Can you post the lyrics of "Fall apart, fall in place" ft. Muriel and Alex? Been rooting on it since day one! Thanks man! LDPeace!


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