Back When We Didn't Even Know What Fillers Were

 This is the first LDP track that was recorded in a studio, UNITED (Wag Magpapagiba), produced by B-roc of Turbulence Productions back in 2008.

All three of us were so excited to step in the studio to be able to record our song with professional equipment. We even acted like we knew what we were doing even if we really didn't. I remember B-roc asking us if we were ready to record our fillers and we said yes. Then as soon as the beat started to play in my headphones I repeatedly recorded over my verse. Haha! That's how I found out what fillers are. Thanks, Bigbro!

Crazy how time flies. Mad proud of my brothers. UNITED. LDPeace!

"Don't give it up, give it up! Just keep on fighting
for the hope and the love let's stay united"

Artwork by Kidninja

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