Sa Gitna Ng Prusisyon EP Listening Party

It was a pleasure to share some of my new tracks to the humble crowd at B-side last Friday for Kjah's Sa Gitna Ng Prusisyon EP Listening Party. Just like everyone else who was present that night I was able to listen to some of Kjah's new songs and you can take it from me that everyone should hear these new songs from his EP. One of his latest tracks entitled Lihim ng Amo will be released online on Tuesday (July 9) and it's one of those tracks paint pictures in your head. Something that y'all should definitely watch out for. Aiks and I decided to grub it up at Wingman and we were stuffed with that 420 Burger and Cheese Quesadilla. Was able to pick up new gear from DailyGrind and Threedown! Thank you to Gnarrate for the invite!

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