Countdown to 11.11.11 DAY 2

It's About Time by Rjay of LDP feat. Ronthug produced by Bojam
Artwork by SuperMikki
Here's track number 2! We recorded this track almost 2 years ago if I remember correctly. I wanted to rerecord my takes for it but Boj told me not to cause that would only contradict the message of the song. I now personally think that it was a good call. Salamat Boj! This classic track should be able to stand the test of time.
"Ang mga batang galing Pasay stay fly call us your highness
spit rhymes that shine like diamonds cause we timeless"
YUP! You read/heard it right. That's me spitting a couple of tagalog punchlines for them Pasay City Rascals
You know the drill! Spread it like wildfire!

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