Rjay Ty x Ron Henley x SPNZ Hits The Spot

I have been recording more often lately at The Spot with SPNZ and DJ Buddah as I am currently working on 2 projects for the past couple of months. One project is a mixtape that I am collaborating on with SPNZ which is entiled HIT THE SPOT and the other project will be my 1st album as Rjay Ty (That's all I can let you know as of now).

I am proud to say that the 1st full length track that I delivered in our native tongue is a part of HIT THE SPOT entitled PUYAT which features one of the best song writers here in the Philippines, an artists that I looked up to, none other than Stick Figgas' very own Ron Henley! Watch out for more updates regarding HIT THE SPOT. This is mad exciting!
Photo via batampasiggg

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