Vision of a Hustler LYRICS

VERSE1: Aero
Oh yeah, it's the good life
A handful of the homies still rep the hood right
A middle class citizen with a pen again
And a pad again with a new rap my friend
Taking hits, taking sips but we don't trip
Just don't mess with us and we won't trip
My family and friends is what matters most
So, I make my mark in music and I'm ghost
What's funny is I'm the one who never made it
Almost famous, got the game penetrated
The truth hurts that's why some don't admit it
'Cause the grind on their mind is so addictive
Chasing dreams, reaching goals though
Cause I still make music for the soul yo
I'm a do me, so don't you worry bruh
That's the verse, this the hook, now turn it up

I got my eyes open wide
And they're never gonna close
Not until I reach the top that is a hustler knows so
Tell me why
Why you tryna pull me down
I am never giving up holding it down for my town

VERSE 2: Rjay
The streets of Manila nothing realer that's where I'm from
We working day and night you better recognize, holmes
We hustle harder than White Man Can't Jump
Defense ain't no chump even MJ can't dunk
No room for slacking here yo these visionaries don't sleep
Putting work before the word is out the humble don't speak
I see how weak you are via the way you brag
Talking smack, I spit fire while y'all barely release gas
So you wanna stand a chance you better step it up
Cheddar cheese spread it well to be able to stack it up
Back it up cause empty promises wouldn't cut it
Want your thousands to be millions better multiply your hundreds
Cause that there is cheap change no time for the weak lames
Heat game? You ain't got nothing on me I speak flame
Poet that's deranged and I'm all about my bizz
Put your money where your mouth is seriously I never kid


VERSE 3: Aero
I try to be the best, so I could see success
Hard work pays off so I don't need to rest
Don't sleep, my network got long reach
On beach, with a cool brew in the warm breeze
Paradise life relaxing with my peoples
All my dogs doing it big, I see you
Paradise life relaxing with my peoples
All my dogs doing it big, I see you

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