Roots Before Riches by THE

As some of you may know, THE is not a 7 digit company. Not even a 6. Hell we dont even earn that much to put some in our pockets. We just go with whatever we feel like doing and do it. What ever makes us happy. What ever makes most people welcome and accepted. Since day 1.

And keeping it true and real, we stand by our word “Roots Before Riches”. Thats why we still in control. Thats why we still crazy as fuck. And thats why we gonna keep making more dope shit.

So for our Twenty Eleven, Thankyou. All the collabs, shirts, caps, pants, all the partying, bike tripping, skate and paint sessions and all the hustling with you, Thankyou! Its outrageous. We are proud of what we’ve become and what we did and we are very very thankful that you became part of it. All remembered. We still gonna give it back to you!

As for 2012, lets fuck more shit up.. And lets get them talking. By staying truthful and grounded! Lets do this shit! -THE

camera: Aliver Cedillo, Dino Sarmiento, Miguel Ramones, Jerik Robleza

editor: Jerik Robleza

music: Similar Objects - Loose Lips : Sensitive Dependence (

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