Countdown to 11.11.11 DAY 4

Gold by Rjay of LDP feat. Vaughn produced by Bojam
Artwork by Ira Cordero
This is track # 17 from the mixtape. It's the first international collaboration that I did almost 2 years ago with the homie Vaughn who was previously a part of a massive hiphop crew in Dubai called The Recipe. Vaughn is currently in Europe and deep into production. Watch out for more material from Vaughn and I! This is definitely not the last of it. And yeah have I mentioned that I have 2 international collabs on the mixtape itself? You better get ready!
"Clock's tickin' now making every second count
make the crowd go loud, hit it hard go blaow!
Bow down to the kings of the sound
we'll just keep elevating and never go down"
 NOTE: Have you ever heard of Spandau Ballet? ;)

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