Unschooled Weekend Sale & Frank 151 Fiesta Recap

Last Friday was tiring but fun! I arrived at UNSCHLD with around 20 people waiting outside the store for the 1st day of the Weekend Sale. It turned out to be a really successful weekend for the store. Thank you to everyone who visited UNSCHLD during the weekend sale! On behalf of the UNSCHLD Crew we really appreciate it. I wasn't able to take pictures of day 2 & 3 of the sale because I had to leave for Olongapo last Saturday and I will tell you guys more about that soon by posting another blog entry. Our Frank 151 "Fiesta" Chapter 45 release party was mad fun too! A lot of people dropped by to show support and brought food so everyone was full and drinking by the end of the night at The Deck. Alex, Josef, King, Pia and I ended up swinging by Neil and Buddah's after the party for some 2k12 action before we all headed home. 2k12 challenge anyone?

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