Think We Could Make It To The Top?

My 1st music video entitled Catch You just entered MYX's Pinoy Myx Countdown at #20. This track of mine features the lovely June Marieezy and is produced by Bojam of FlipMusic. The music video is directed by Dominic Nuesa and it features one of the best local graffiti artists that we have Ms. Korina "KOOKOO" Ramos and one of the best local dancers out there Mr. Cort Catajay.

We decided to come up with a music video with a story which concerns psoriasis. (Oh! Check out the prosthetics and make up by Camille Regala. They look so real!) We wanted it to be more of a short narrative rather than a music video. Watch the clip below to be able to understand and fully grasp what I'm trying to type down.

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