THE Dirty One's Clean Restaurant

Meet THE Dirty One. This is his lair.
Jatujak Thai Iced Tea. CHAMPION.
Banana-Q. Kidding! Haha! Chicken Skewers. I forgot what it's called. D! What's this dish again, bro?
Sate Chicken.
Crab Meat Fried Rice.
It's your favorite kid from DC showing you how to chow it down.
Uncle Chou giving you that look. You do not wanna mess with him. Specially when he's in the middle of a meal.

I strongly recommend that you guys pay THE Dirty One a visit at Jatujak (Megamall) if you're fiending for some Thai food. Don't you just wanna grab a good meal, wave at the dirty one and ask him for the bill? Haha! Salamat, D!

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